kinkprideKinky Pride (KP) and Simply Natural Organicals (SNO) are a company of hair care products specifically formulated for an under served market of consumers who desire a more natural based hair care product without the use of harsh chemicals. A product that is easily absorbed through your hair follicles and scalp to maximize hair growth and thickness while providing an extraordinary natural looking sheen and a healthy emollient that's sure to produce the feel and look you desire for your hair.

Kinky Pride and Simply Natural Organicals was founded in 1998 by entrepreneurs Richard and Phyllis Allen, Owners of an all natural hair care salon established in 1995. SNO manufactures, retails and wholesales natural shampoos, conditioners, lock & twist gels, shea- loe butter, natural pomades, oils, gloss oil sprays and leave in conditioners you are sure to enjoy.